katalog farmakologi, farmakoterapi, software

Katalog E Book yang tersedia. judul buku (tahun terbit)

A to Z drug’s fact (2003)
A Guide to Dissection of Human Body (2004)
A Guidelines For Management Of Heart Failure (2001)
Adherence to Long Term Therapies (2003)
Advances Cardiac Life Support (TT)
Advanced Therapies In Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases (2005)
AHFS drug information (2004)
Allergy an atlas on investigation and management (2006)
Amedeo Challenge (2007)
Antiinfective Drugs (TT)
Antiviral Drug Discovery For Emerging Diseases (2005)
Antibiotics Theraphy For Geriatrics (2006)
Antibiotic Policies Theory and Practice (2005)
Antibiotics as AntiInflamattory and Immunomodulatory Agents (2005)
Anxiety Dissorders an Introduction to Clinical Management (2001)
Aspirin and Related Drugs (2004)
Asthma Management Handbook (2002)
Appleton And Lange Review Of Pharmacy (2001)

Basic and clinical pharmacology (2003) Katzung
Basic and clinical pharmacology (2007) Katzung
Baums Textbook Of Pulmonary Diseases (2003)
Behrman Nelson Textbook Of Pediatrics (2003)
Benson Pernoll’s Handbook Of ObsGyn (2001)
Bloood Studies (TT)
Bone and join future (2002)
British National Pharmacopeia/BNF 50 (2005)

Cancer Therapeutic Regimens (2006)
Cancer Topics In Medicinal Chemistry (2007)
Cecil Texbook Of Medicine (TT)
Cardiovascular physiology concept (TT)
Ciccone Pharmacology In Rehabilitation (2007)
Clinical Evidence (2006)
Clinical Guidelines On Obesity In Adult (1998)
Clinical medicine (TT)
Clinical Pediatrics Neurology (2005)
Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics (TT)
Clinical radiology (2000)
Clinical Study Management (2004)
Clinical Trials Risk Management (2006)
Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference (2008)
Color atlas of pharmacology (2000)
Complication of pregnancy (2000)
Complete Blood Count (TT)
Critical Care (1999)
Critical Care And Cardiac Medicine (2005)
Current Clinical Strategics – Manual Of HIV/AIDS (2003)
Current Clinical Strategics – Medicine (2005)
Current Clinical Strategics – Pediatrics (2004)
Current Diagnosis And Treatment In Cardiology (2002)
Current Diagnosis And Treatment In Gsatroenterology (2002)
Current Medical Diagnosis And Treatment (2006)
Current Pediatrics Diagnosis And Treatment (2006)

Designing Clinical Reseacrh (2007)
Diabetes In Old Age (2001)
Dietary ReferencesIntake Vitamins, Minerals (2001)
Drug Residues In Food Pharmacology, Food Safety, And Analysis (2000)
Differential Diagnosis (2000)
Drug abuse handbook (1998)
Drug Delivery System (2008)
Drug Induced Liver Diseases (2007)
Drug Information Guide For Pharmacist (TT)
Drug-Drug Interactions(2008)
Drug 2008 (2008)
Drug In Pregnancy And Lactation (2001)
Drug metabolism Currnet Concept (2005)
Drug regimen compliance (1999)

Emergency neuroradiology (2006)
Evidence Base Of Clinical Diagnosis (2002)

Fundamental immunology (2003)
Family Medicine (2006)
Female Pelvic Floor (2007)
Fischbach A Manual Of Laboratory And Diagnostics (2003)
Freud A to Z (2005)
Free Medical Information (2005)

Ganong Review Of MEdical Physiology (2005)
Generic Drug Study (2002)
Guidelines And Diagnosis Management For Asthma (1997)
Guidelines For Programmatic Management Of Drug Resistance TB (2006)
Guidelines CPhA Urinary Track Infections (2004)
Guidelines SIGN Management Of Suspected Bacterial Urinary Tract Infection In Adult (2006)
Guidelines EAU On Urinary And Male Genital Trat Infection (TT)

Handbook Of Antimicrobial Drug Theraphy (2005)
Handbook of clinical drug’s data (2002)
Handbook of drug screening (2001)
Handbook Of Pain Management (2002)
Handbook Of Parenteral Drugs (TT)
Handbook Of Pathophysiology (2001)
Handbook Of Standard Operation Procedures For Good Clinical Practice (2004)
Harrison’s Manual Of Medicine (2005)
Harrison’s Priciple Of Internal Medicine (2001)
Histopathology specimens (2004)
History And Physical Exam (2005)
HIV Medicine (2005)
HIV MEdicine (2007)
How To Survive Anaesthesia (2002)

ICU Protocols (2001)
Infectious Diseases A Clinician Guide To Current, Diagnosis, Treatment (2003)
Influenza Reports (2006)
Inflammatory atherosclerosis (TT)
Integrative Medicine (2002)
Inside The FDA (2005)
Introduction clinical pharmacology (TT)
IV Fluid Therapy (2003)

JNC On Prevention, Detection, And Management Of HBP (2004)

Kidney and blood pressure regulation (2004)
Kistner Gynecology And Woman’s Helath (1999)

Laboratory Manual And Workbook In Microbiology (2002)

Mathematicals Statistics (1999)
Management Of CHF (2007)
Management Of Multiple Drug Resistance Infection (2004)
Manual Of Allergy And Immunology Diagnosis And Therapy (2002)
Manual Of HIV/AIDS (2003)
Manual Of Laboratory And Diagnostics Test (2000)
Manual Of Rheumatology (TT)
Medfacts Pocket Guide Of Drug Interactions (2004)
Medical Management of HIV Infection (2002)
Medical pharmacology at a glance (2002) Neal
Medical Terminology An Illustrated Guide (TT)
Medical physiology (TT)
Medicine current clinical strategies (2007)
Meyler’s side effect of drugs (2007)
Metamphetamine Use Clinical And Forensic Aspect (2003)
Modern pharmacology and clinical application (TT)

Nelson Textbook Of Pediatrics (2003)
Neurological Emergency (2003)
Neurology Clinic (2007)
Neuroscience Of Physcoactive Substance Use And Dependence (2004)
New Advances In Migraine Treatment (2006)
Normal Lab Values (2001)
Nutritional Management Of DM (2003)
Nursing Introductory Clinical Pharmacology (TT)
Novak’s gynecology (2002)
Nutrition and heart diseases (2004)

Obstetrics and gynecology (2001)
obstetrics Anesthesia Handbook (2006)
Ophtalmic Drug Facts (TT)
Ophtalmic Drug Guide (2007)
Outpatient Medicine (2005)
Oxford Handbook Of Critical Care (2005)
Oxford Textbook Of Geratric Medicine (2000)
Oxford Textbook Of Medicine (2003)

Patty’s Toxicology (TT)
PDR OTC Guide (TT)
PDR Family Guide To Prescription Drug (TT)
Pediatric Drug Reference (2004)
Pediatric Oncology (2006)
Pediatric Treatment (2004)
Perinatal Guidelines And Resources Appendix A (TT)
Peitzman The Trauma Manual (2002)
Personality Disorders In Modern Life (2004)
Pathofisiology of diseases An Introduction To Clinical Medicine (2005)
Pharmaceutical Care Practice The Clinicians Guide (TT)
Pharmacoepidemiology (2000)
Pharmacokinetics-pharmacodinamics modeling and  simulating (2006)
Pharmacological basic and therapeutics (2006)
Pharmacology (2000)
Pharmacology Flash Card (TT)
Pharmacotherapy Alcoholism (TT)
Pharmacotherapy And The Future Of Drug War (2004)
Pharmacotherapy Consencus Statement On Evaluation Of Outcome (1999)
Pharmacotherapy Of Opioid Dependence (2002)
Pharmacotherapy a pathophysiology approach  (2005) dipiro
Pharmacotherapy Handbook Dipiro (2006)
Pharmacotherapy Principles And Practice Dipiro (2008)
Pharmacogenomics In Drug Discovery (2008)
Physicians Drug Resources (2005)
Prescibing Drug In Pregnancy (1999)
Pocket Guide To Critical Care Pharmacotherapy (2008)
Pocket guide of drug’s interaction (2004)
Preventing medication errors (2007)
Preventing medication errors improve drug therapy outcome (2003)
Practical training and research in gynecologic endoscopy (TT)
Principles And Practice Of Clinical Bacteriology (2006)
Principles Of medical Statistics (2002)
Principles Practice Of Intravenous Therapy (2002)

Quick Medical terminology (TT)
Radiology Made Riddiculously Simple (2000)
Robin and Kotran pathologic of diseases (2005)
Restoration Of Teeth (TT)

Safety Pharmacologic In Pharmaceutical Development (2004)
SARS Reference (2003)
Schaum human anatomy and physiology (2001)
Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (1999)
Sleep Disturbances And Healthy Sleep (2004)
Sport Chinese, Mind, Boxing (2004)
Smoking Puzzle Information Risk Perception  Choice (2003)
Statistical Methods For Health Science (1999)
Small Clinical Trials Issues And Challenge (2001)
Sexual Transmitted Diseases Guidelines (2006)
Stockley’s drug interaction (2005)

Textbook Of Cardiovaskular Medicine (2001)
Textbook Of Helathcare Ethics (2002)
The Addiction Counselors Desk Reference (2005)
The Bluebook Guidelines For The Control Of Infectious Diseases (2005)
The Cancer Handbook (2003)
The Ethics Of Terminal Care (2002)
The ICU Book (TT)
The Use Vaccinations For Against Avian Influenza (2000)
TNF Alpha Inhibitors (2006)
Treatment Guidelines For Medicine And Primary Care (2004)
Tuberculosis (2007)
The addiction counselor desk reference (2005)
The female pelvic floor (2007)
Treating drug’s problems (2005)

Using The Pharmaceutical Literature (2006)

Wagner Marriott’s Practical Electrocardiography (2001)
Wallach Interpretation Of Diagnostic Test (2000)
Washington Manual Of Diagnosis And Therapy (TT)
Washington Manual Of Medical Therapeutics (TT)
WHO Adherence To Long Term Therapy (2003)
WHO TB Guidelines (2006)
Williams Obstetrics (2001)
Williams endocrinology (2003)

Bentuk Folder Lengkap :
ARCMESA Educators
GMP 2001
PSAP Educators

software :
Drug Interaction
Drug Reference
medical dictionary
handbook of pharmaceutical excipient
merck manual edisi 17
Atlas Of Allergy
British Pharmacopeia 2001
Herbal Medicine 04
Pengontrol Tekanan Darah
Martindale 35
RR Anatomy
RR Pharmacology
Vitamin Test
Woman Calendar
Stop Prematur Ejaculation
For Woman Only
EBM Report
MB Free Color Therapy
My MEdication List
Pharmacy Quiz


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